Free Online CaptionMaker

CaptionMaker allows you to make captions for your favorite video and audio files online.
Its simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to create caption files at rapid pace.

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Highlights of CaptionMaker:

  • Save your work at any point of time and continue from where you have stopped.
  • Download caption files at any point of time.
  • Import your caption files and edit them.
  • Preview your captions with overlay on the video.
  • Syncronize the timestamps of captions either with single mouse click or a keystroke.
  • Timestamps of multiple selected lines can be edited at a time.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easy access of all the features.
Formats supported: flv, mp3.
Please use FFMpeg or any convert the videos to flv or audio files to mp3 format. FLV files should be updated with metadata. For this purpose you can use opensource softwares like flvtool++ or any other software of your choice.

Registered users can save caption files in their profile.

Steps to generate caption file:

  • Select the URL of the media file for which captions needs to be generated.
  • Example: http://localhost/videos/test.flv or
  • You can generate new caption file or use existing file by selecting it from your account or uploading from your system.
  • By listening to the media file, you can type your captions in the right hand side panel (Double click on Caption column to start entering the captions).
  • Timestamps are updated automatically to the time displayed on the video player.
  • Click on Save button below video player to Save and download captions file.

Click here to start generating caption files.